Find all content related to the Liftarchiv project here in the archive.

  • The Liftarchiv

    Article | Heinz Shütz

  • The Extras

    Live performance | Szuper Gallery

  • Liftarchiv Finale

    Permanent Installation | Szuper Gallery

  • I See Something You Don't See!

    Public Art Commissioned by the City of Munich | Monika Pemler, The commissioning body

  • From Provocation to Interaction

    The Difficulty of Developing a Dialogue between Art and Security | Dr. Wilfried Blume-Beyerle, Director of the Kreisverwaltungsreferat

  • Box in a Valise

    Article | Dirk Snauwaert

  • Attemps on the Liftarchiv

    Article | Dorothee Richter

  • Testing the Latitude of Design in a Government Office

    Article | Michael Hauffen

  • Work in Progress: What Is to Be Done?

    Wrapped Installation | Kreisverwaltungsreferat München, and Szuper Gallery.

  • The BURQA Project

    Installation with 4 burkas and text | Jn. Ulrick Désert

  • Votes for a Picture

    A Performative Project | Michael Hauffen

  • TAZ - Temporary Autonomous Zone

    Video Text by Alun Rowlands | Alun Rowlands

  • Do We Really Need a New Anti-Imperialism?

    Video interviews and an installation present global migration and immigration as a contemporary form of life within a democracy. |

  • Shipwreck

    Public speaking and installation | Szuper Gallery

  • Interval

    Installation at the liftarchiv | Szuper Gallery

  • Nirvana

    Videoperformance shot at the KVR, 7 mins | Szuper Gallery

  • Why don’t you stick to the facts?

    Why don't you arrange your affairs satisfactorily? | Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey

  • The Object

    The Object and the Place | Susanne Clausen and Pavlo Kerestey

  • Speaking in Public

    Video programme screened in the Liftarchiv | Gia Rigvava, Inventory, Mark Harris, Nick Blythe, Olaf Simon, Ralf Küster, Rainer Ganahl, Simon Goldin and Stephen Connolly

  • Opening with the Red Sofa

    The opening of the lounge in the KVR | Szuper Gallery